Central Community Assistance Foundation
exists to assist Central community students and their families
        with support and services to build, strengthen, and sustain community life.
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CCAF Bylaws

Central Community Assistance Foundation


The name of this organization is CENTRAL COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION (CCAF). It is a politically non-partisan, non-profit organization created to solicit, receive, and distribute funds and other assets for the purpose of assisting students and their families living in the City of Central or within the geographical area of the Central Community School System who are having economic hardships.


The purposes of CCAF are to:
A. Stimulate and encourage volunteers to meet the specified needs of Central students and their families who have economic hardship. Such efforts shall be determined by the ability of the Foundation.
B. Conduct informational activities as deemed necessary by the organization.
C. Coordinate the collection and security of monies, supplies, equipment and the fair and proper disbursement of said items to individuals, families and/or students in transition.
D. Mentoring


Section 1: Board Membership
A. The Board of Directors shall consist of five groups:
     i. Two (2) Directors to be appointed by the Central Area Pastors Association
     ii. Two (2) Directors appointed from the Central Community School System
     iii. Three (3) Directors from the business sector, as follows:
a. Manager of Wal-Mart
b. President of the Central Chamber of Commerce
c. A business representative as decided upon by the Board of Directors
     iv. Two (2) Directors from the community, as appointed by the Board of Directors
     v. One (1) Ex-officio member from City Hall nominated by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Directors. This member will not have voting privileges.
B. No elected state or local political officials shall serve on the Board of Directors.
C. Directors may appoint a proxy to represent them. Proxies must have the authority to represent, commit, and act for the business position stipulated for the Board.
D. Terms of Office
     i. The terms of the two community volunteers shall be for alternating two years.
     ii. The term of the director representing the business sector and appointed by the Board of Directors shall be for two years.
Section 2: Board Officers
A. Officers
     i. Chair
     ii. Vice Chair
     iii. Treasurer
     iv. Secretary
B. Board Officers Elections and Terms of Office.
     i. Board Officers shall be elected by the members of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting to be held no later than January 31.
     ii. Terms will be based on the calendar year.
     iii. All terms will be for two years.
     iv. The treasure will be limited to only one two-year term.
Section 3: Duties of Board of Directors
A. Establish policies for the management of the activities of the organization.
B. Appoint committees to carry out the affairs of the organization.
C. Meet as frequently as needed, but at least annually.
Section 4: Quorum
A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) members of the Board of Directors, including the Chair and Vice Chair.
Section 5: Notice
Notice of all Board and Committee meetings shall be given in a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the called meeting. The Chair or the Vice Chair shall have the authority to call meetings with less notice; however, in such instance, all members of the Board and/or Committee shall receive verbal personal notice of the called meeting. A meeting may also be called by a signed statement of a simple majority of the Board of Directors.
Section 6: Audits
The Board of Directors shall cause an audit of the books and records of the CCAF on an annual basis. Such audit results and work papers shall be available to the general public.


Section 1: Composition and Appointments
There shall be committees appointed, as needed, by the Board of Directors.
The Chairs of the Committees shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board Chair or Vice Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of all standing committees. Committee Chairs shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.
Section 2: Duties
Duties may be assigned to each of these committees by the Board of Directors.
Section 3: Reports
Reports from the Chairs of all Committees are to be submitted at Board of Directors meetings by the Chairs of the Committees or other designee from each committee.


A. Central Community is defined as the area within the City of Central boundaries or within the Central Community School System boundaries.
B. "In Transition" is defined as "having financial hardship where the individuals/families are living in situations such as "doubled up" with other families and/or living in a place not considered a "Home" (i.e., shelter, motel, car).


The Bylaws of CCAF may be amended at a business meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority of the Board.
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